Simplify Your Message So My Mom Can Understand | With Eran Abramson

In this episode, I get to speak with Eran Abramson. Eran is a hands-on creative marketer with over 15 years of marketing experience and is the founder of He works directly with startup founders and relevant stakeholders, helping them convey their message in a clearer way to deliver the value better and faster, making their effort much more efficient and effective.

Where to reach our Guest:
Website: (Company Website)
Twitter: @eranabramson

Valuable Takeaways:

  • Eran shared about the different big parts of the entire marketing landscape.
  • There are so many different channels that are available for you to promote your product or solution you’re offering.
  • Speak to your audience, and not to speak on a massive scale, in hopes that your audience will actually listen.
  • We talked about learning from your experience that can really help people and they can really implement it in their business.
  • Eran shared so many ways to realize the value by asking yourself and seeing how you’re different from competitors.
  • Eran talks about the process of getting into the consumer’s head and really understanding what will be valuable for them.

Let’s Start Scaling!

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