Use data to improve business performance

Justin Butlion founded a number of businesses including Feedio, ProjectBI, and iTech Asia.

In his last day job as the Director of Business Performance at Yotpo, he was responsible for building the company’s Business Performance Team. Before he left, he managed a team of 5 business analysts that provided BI services to over 60 stakeholders in the organization across marketing, sales, product, CS, and Finance. Today, he’s helping numerous companies tackle their biggest data-related challenges while building Feedio, iTech Asia and ProjectBI.

Where to reach our Guest:
Website: (Company Website)
Twitter: justin_butlion

Valuable Takeaways:

  • Challenges and benefits of growing an agency while traveling the world as a digital nomad.
  • Working at Yotpo and using data to improve business performance.
  • Taking the concept of business performance and implementing it for multiple startups in various stages.
  • The way to handle tracking & attribution in e-commerce nowadays is by taking the data out of the advertising platforms and use a centralized tool to analyze it.
  • Don’t rely on one marketing channel! pick one scalable non-paid channel for next year and double down on that.

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