In this episode, I get to speak with Sivan Michaeli-Roimi.

Sivan is the VP of Marketing at Staircase AI. She is a highly analytical business leader with a positive mindset and a strong aptitude for technology. Her passion for exceeding growth targets is evident in her track record of success in developing go-to-market strategies, inbound and outbound marketing programs, product marketing, and demand generation.

With over a decade of experience in the B2B SaaS industry, Sivan has made significant strides from her beginnings in application security and developer apps to her current role in the revenue intelligence market. Her expertise in outbound marketing and publishing has since evolved to encompass product marketing, making her well-versed in various marketing channels and team leadership.

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Valuable Takeaways:

    • Staircase AI is a customer intelligence platform that analyzes conversations between customers and vendors to identify churn risks or growth opportunities.
    • The biggest challenge in the B2B SaaS market is bringing high-quality leads and finding the right people to buy the product now.
    • LinkedIn is still one of the best channels for starting business conversations.
    • The call to action should be value-based.
    • Marketers should be part of the go-to-market strategy by talking to customers and prospects, reading analyst reports, and listening to sales calls.

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