Creative & messaging matter. A lot.

We dropped the cost per signup from $150 to $50 by introducing a new creative that: A – looked much better.
B – contained the price of the app subscription.
As it turned out, using the price in the ad helped us generate more qualified app downloads that would later become users.

Google performance max is interesting (with a caveat)

In one account we see conversions coming in at about 67% of the CPA than other campaigns. But… our overall performance for the month stagnated so we suspect this campaign is cannibalizing the other high-performing campaigns. We are a bit worried about the black-box nature of this campaign type but as announced by Google, they are rolling out placements reporting that should help get a bit more clarity & insights.

Valentine’s ads were huge. Especially for Men.

We ran Valentine’s ads for a custom jewelry brand and CPA was 50% lower than the standard ads we ran at the same time. As this product is most suitable as a gift for women, targeting Men with the interest of “Valentine’s Day” produced the best results.

Facebook lead-gen ads are the way to go to lower CPLs.

For a B2B client, we were able to lower CPL by 89% from $365 to $41 by swapping a non-performing landing page with a Facebook lead-gen form. Lead relevance stayed about the same. For another B2C client, we reduced CPL by 30% from $103 to $72.

Dynamic Search campaign is our new best-kept secret.

We use it as a tool to explore new search terms, but it also provides outstanding results in cases when we combine it with automated bidding for conversions. In one eCommerce campaign, we were able to spend $684 and generate $5427 in return. This is a 7X ROAS.

Refine and optimize our weekly rhythm.

As an agency we are committed to provide results and also communicate effectively to our very busy stakeholders in each company we work with. This month we refined and optimized our internal workflow based on a specific weekly agenda.
We have a weekly call with each client and prior to the call we conduct a weekly summary that covers high level numbers compared to our target, what did we do, what’s the impact and what are the next steps. Following the meeting we create our tasks in Asana and send a call summary so we’re all aligned.

For B2B Saas, Set your quality and build your reporting accordingly.

This goes without saying, but in early stage SaaS startups it can take time before you know how to define your MQLs and SQLs properly. Once you have your method, it’s crucial to have a report that connects this data to your media budget so you can make better decision with stronger impact on the business results.
For one such client, our CPL actually went up from $58 to $68 this month but lead > MQL got better so our cost per MQL stayed the same.

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