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In this episode, I get to speak with Shawn O’Neill. He’s an entrepreneurial technology leader. He obsesses over smoothing the interaction between people and their goals, through eliminating friction in human: digital interfaces.

He helps companies with people, processes, and product challenges. He has an Engineering background and has a share of wins and losses along the journey. He excels at helping business leaders tune their software teams, development lifecycles, and product offering.

He solves hard problems, asks hard questions, makes things, and has fun doing them.

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Valuable Takeaways:

  • Running a faster website is going to result in more orders, more revenue, and fewer bounces.
  • Building a model to correlate site speed, with the conversion rate.
  • Keeping people on the site would be the biggest win, reducing abandonment and improving engagement.
  • Getting a better ROI on your ad spend, if the site is faster.
  • Identify the key areas that you’re going to work on in order to improve the site speed.
  • Google has an anonymized database of performance data called the crux. This is the Chrome user experience report.
  • You get a two-second delay before the button responds to your input. That’s probably because the main thread of the browser is busy running some other JavaScript.

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