Identifying customer needs and use tailored messaging to increase conversion rate

In this episode, I get to speak with Linda Bustos. Linda has been evangelizing all things eCommerce since 2007. She was the former author of the Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog, author of book-blog Ecommerce Illustrated. and the Co-founder of Edgacent Ecommerce Advisors.

Linda is now the Director of Ecommerce in It is a gifting marketplace with thousands of customizable promotional items and high-end gifts from famous brands. It’s also a feature-rich gifting solution — that integrates with CRM to automate and scale gifting for Sales, Marketing, HR, and Customer Success teams.

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Valuable Takeaways:

  • Build campaigns with different objectives based on the customer’s intent.
  • Use a proactive chat with tailored messaging across the customer journey. Make sure to measure chat initiated as a micro-conversion.
  • Get feedback from account managers that deal with the customers year-round. The product will evolve based on actual customer need.
  • You’re not going to grow a business, just by retaining your customers. You have to be aggressive, try new things, experiment, and expand.

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