In this episode, I get to speak with Efrat Fenigson.

Efrat Fenigson is a Marketing & personal branding expert, recently evolved into a Citizen Journalist when the void left by the mainstream media censorship and silencing of dissenting voices became too big to bear.

Efrat is a co-founder of G-CMO Forum, a community of Israel’s top CMOs from global companies, and during her career, she served as CMO & Marketing lead of companies such as Mindspace, Airobotics, Viaccess-Orca and more.

Where to reach our guest:

Efrat’s Linkedin profile:

The international conference for branding start-up companies:

Generative AI Course:

Valuable Takeaways:

      • Leverage the voice of the customer to increase reach and awareness at low costs.
      • CMOs should mix high-budget activities such as PPC and trade shows with high ROI channels such as organic social, direct mail, personal LinkedIn outreach, etc.
      • Manage stress levels by Listening to your inner conversation and don’t hesitate to get help and support from your peers and managers.

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