In this episode, I get to speak with Ilan Missulawin.

Ilan is the founder of Clicksease (acquired by Cheq) and LiteSite, a marketing expert, and a coffee lover.

He is now helping other startups and mature companies move from enterprise sales to a more automated, intent-based, zero-touch model. He is also married to Liat and is the father of Daniella and Adam, living a digital nomad lifestyle in Thailand.

Where to reach our guest:

Website: (Company)

Valuable Takeaways:

      • Go for the high-intent users first and show them value before your competitors.
      • Focus on long tail keywords, even if the volume is low.
      • Convert your product values into keywords people are searching for in Google.
      • Use fear as an activator in messaging and creativity.
      • The pricing page should be educational and simple.
      • Funnel hacking competitors can help optimize your own funnel.

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