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In this episode, I get to speak with Jay Gibb. He is the Founder of CloudSponge, Partner at Arizona Bay.

Jay is a Technical leader with deep entrepreneurial experience as a developer, consultant, founder, and partner. Particularly interested in very early-stage, web-based startups with a focus on product design and development. His specialties are Software development management, product design, software architecture, process definition, and execution.

Basically, they built an infrastructure that was connected with Gmail contacts, Yahoo contacts, AOL contacts, and Hotmail and live Windows Live and MSN. And basically, all the different places where people store their address books on the internet. They provided a single point of integration for those so that other companies could quickly create their own integrations with all those different address book sources and use them for different reasons.

It took them a few years but finally figured out what they really are, a tool that helps with word of mouth, that helps with virality. And they started to build more products in that direction and for that purpose.

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Valuable Takeaways:

    • Help your users get through the process of sharing contact information from their address book, without distractions.
    • Use Supermatrics to combine ad & CRM data.
    • Integrate Cloudesponge with other referral programs to boost your word-of-mouth marketing.
    • Use word-of-mouth as an efficient way to reduce your dependency on PPC.
    • You have to create an incentive to get your users to share your product.

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