Punch above your weight for rapid organic growth and brand recognition.

In this episode, I talk with Elad Levy.

He’s a seasoned marketing executive with a keen interest in marketing technologies and extensive knowledge of SEO, marketing automation, content marketing, and much more.

He is now the new VP of marketing at Loox after leading the incredible growth at Fixel, where he was in charge of everything related to Product, Marketing, and Sales.

Where to reach our Guest:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/eladlevy
LinkedIn: https://logiq.com/

Valuable Takeaways:

  • Create intentional friction in the product to create a user journey that teaches users how to use the product.
  • Create in-depth content by taking a common problem and laying out a complex solution that your product can also easily solve.
  • Set key performance metrics based on your company’s business model and stage.
  • To compete with the bigger players in your market, you need to punch above your weight with high-quality design and content.
  • Get people talking about you by having your name appear in blog posts that rank high in Google for the most competitive keywords.
  • Use the search console to learn how people are looking for your product.

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