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In this episode, I get to speak with Ben Lerner. He is a marketing automation consultant who helps companies such as Fiverr, Sproutt, BeyondMinds, VIMEO, HEREMobility, and many other small startups ramp up their marketing automation, producing big (and scalable) results.

His company is a tech-focused marketing consultancy that helps businesses grow. Using the latest emerging tools, and our industry experience can impact your business’ bottom line.

From sales, CRM, pipeline management, marketing automation, sales enablement to inbound marketing, website design, chatbots and automated ticketing, we have the know-how and tools to help you grow. They have integrated countless systems and tools for our clients including HubSpot, Intercom, Braze, Salesforce, Marketo, VWO, Zapier, Integromat, Zoom, Slack, ZoomInfo, and many, many more.

Whether you’re a manager looking to build your business, a marketing manager under pressure to deliver quality leads, or a sales director with a lead-hungry sales team, they have the strategies and techniques to help you.

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Valuable Takeaways:

      • Understand how complex the field of marketing automation can be.
      • Most companies are struggling with getting the data they need in order to build dashboards to analyze their business results.
      • Performs a tech stack audit to understand where’s the data coming from and who’s in charge of it before doing any automation.
      • Align the marketing and sales team using a single dashboard to bridge the gap and make sure everybody’s using the same language.


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