Do the leg work when optimizing your PPC campaigns

In this episode, I get to speak with Aron Skversky. Aron and I worked together ages ago in K Logic, where we helped companies like Outbrain, Cloudinary, & Datorama make their PPC dreams come true.

Since then, Aron has worked in-house and at agencies, building marketing strategies and executing upon them for some of the top B2B startups in Israel.

Aron is currently the Director of Acquisition at Pentera, a successful cybersecurity company that gives companies the ability to automatically validate that all their security controls are working properly. Aaron is responsible for ensuring that the top of the funnel is full of highly-qualified leads that will turn into deals at a predictably high rate.

He’s also one of the tallest people I’ve ever met 😉

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Valuable Takeaways:

  • For enterprise B2B, LinkedIn is currently the leading source for PPC leads.
  • Don’t enable audience expansion and lookalike targeting in LinkedIn – use the native targeting options based on your target audience.
  • Start with an openness of mind and start testing different targeting methods to discover your best audience.
  • Do the leg work. Talk to your salespeople. Explore the LinkedIn profiles of the leads you’re generating. Make sure the leads you generate are the right ones.
  • Understand your buyer. Figure out which specific words to use in order to attract them.
  • Use snappy copy with simple product images that resonate with the audience to reach high CTR.
  • Own your data. Ask “where do these leads go?” and make sure to connect sales data to your marketing data. Figure out the cost per each step of the sales funnel.
  • Patience. This isn’t a hack – it’s advice for marketers, especially digital marketers, especially B2B.

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