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In this episode, I get to speak with Adam Ehrlich. Adam has been working in the Israeli hi-tech ecosystem for over 15 years now and has tried his hand at nearly every racket in the marketing domain. From content writing to marketing operations, branding, paid performance, event management, and everything in-between, He would say He is well-qualified to call himself a “seasoned marketing executive”.

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Valuable Takeaways:

  • Adam shared about learning the buzzwords for a specific industry.
  • Understanding the strategy and the underlying strategy of the person you’re writing for.
  • We shared about how are you able to do all of that in a snappy fashion and hopefully will draw their attention and get them to stop for a second.
  • Crafting some type of emotional aspect into the ad, and will get them to make the ad more successful. Get them to click on it.
  • Selling them stuff and telling them why they should have it. So this is something that you can prepare beforehand.
  • Provide your writers with a document that kind of lays things out as to what you expect and what you want them to do, it’ll make their job much easier, and will make the deliverables much better.

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