Our remote PPC agency team has come up with five ways to streamline our processes and make our days run more smoothly without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness. If you’re running your own remote PPC agency, try implementing these methods to see if they work for you, too!

Daily routines

In the morning, we review the calendar to see what meetings or events we need to prepare for. Then we log in to Asana and review tasks. As soon as we can make progress or provide a comment – we will. Otherwise, we will set a date or even set a time on the calendar if it is a large undertaking.
Our “campaign review” task in Asana is reviewed every day and we comment if we have taken action. We also update the client if we notice anything interesting in the data.

Daily meetings

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At 9:00 am, we hold a daily standup meeting.
Our team members send a short message on Slack prior to the meeting with their top priorities for today. This helps us prepare and gives the team a chance to ask questions and provide feedback.
At 14:45 pm, we hold a second standup meeting.
Let’s talk about issues and blockers here and make sure everyone is on track.

Weekly meetings

In order to ensure that our meetings with clients are organized and that time isn’t wasted, we always prepare an agenda beforehand and send it the day before by email. The meetings typically begin with a review of the results and the main insights or trends we observed. We also take time during our meeting to go over what we accomplished that week and identify the next steps we will take. Once the meeting is finished, we summarize the meeting for each other and delegate tasks in Asana.
Our team also holds a weekly meeting on Thursdays to think back and reflect on what has been accomplished as well as take the opportunity to learn from the past week. Each team member shares what went well, what didn’t work, and what he can learn going forward.

Effective communication

Slack is the tool we use to talk internally. We have one channel per client to maintain relevancy in all of our discussions and a team channel for day-to-day responsibilities.
As a remote team in different time zones, we use Vimeo videos to stay in touch with one another. It’s a quick, time-efficient method of problem-solving because there’s no need to make a phone call every time there’s an issue.

Task management

We use Asana for project management and this is the system that defines what needs to be done. If something’s not on Asana, it won’t get done. We use repeating tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and templates for those who often do tasks in cycles like building new campaigns out of client briefs. Each client’s tasks have three columns– To-Do, Done, and on-HOLD. We also keep an additional column that holds resources which are files and tutorials that we want to keep handy.

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